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International speaker and presenter, Courtney Kirschbaum spent 15 years in leadership roles for the world’s largest consulting firms, KPMG, BearingPoint and Deloitte. After displaying a gift for galvanizing teams and fixing failing projects, she was dispatched to Europe, Asia and the Pacific to manage teams and projects. While working in these firms, Courtney observed gap in training and human development, "Most new hires weren't getting the support and development they needed to shine and many people  stalled in the middle of their careers, unable to smoothly transition from managing to leading. I observed a lot of people who were stuck and bored or frustrated."


Following her passion for developing people to be peak performers, she began training with Jack Canfield, America’s #1 success coach and author of New York Times bestsellers, “The Power of Focus”, “The Success Principles” and “Self-Esteem and Peak Performance.”

"Most new hires weren't getting the support and development they needed to shine and many people stalled in the middle of their careers, unable to smoothly transition from managing to leading. I observed a lot of people who were stuck and bored or frustrated."




It is possible to get where you want to go and enjoy the journey.

-Courtney Kirschbaum

Courtney Kirschbaum empowers and inspires the next wave of global thought leaders and local champions. Her straight-talking style resonates with attendees by combining compassion, humor, and real-life Fortune 500 work experience to provide:


•  Effective techniques for succeeding on your own terms

• How to be a master not a commodity

• Secrets to getting into career fields or jobs that seem out of reach

• How to create a career built on your personal genius and unique strengths


Whether speaking at colleges and universities or conducting workshops for Millennials at companies like Marriott, Lowes, and Sage Software, Courtney quickly distills 20 years of insider knowledge into transformational tools for success and actionable wisdom. Participants walk away with added confidence, knowledge and a framework for action.

Courtney was the closing speaker at TEDx Edmonton in 2014 and was selected as one of eWomen Network’s top 5 speakers in 2013.

"I was completely blown away by your keynote address and your breakout session. You have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking."


Katherine Shimazaki,
Delegate Network of Empowered Women Conference


Topic: Your Personal Vision and Career Choice

Imagine that you’ve just graduated and your dreams are bigger than your résumé. You don’t want to settle for a "survival" job. that has nothing to do with your dreams just to get by. When she first graduated, Courtney was in your shoes. She found a way to break out from a coordinator-level position at a small local trade association to live and work all over Europe and Asia while leading global initiatives for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. In this talk, she’ll tell you exactly how she did it with an actionable plan for how you can, too. Hear Courtney’s real experiences and the secrets she learned along the way to avoid (or escape) underemployment with smarter, faster alternatives.


Topic: Motivation And Personal Growth

We’ve all heard success stories about people without college degrees, or even high school diplomas, who become huge innovators and industry pioneers. What factors and characteristics activate their success while others stall in jobs that don’t inspire or energize them? Gain the competitive advantage — regardless of résumé or credentials — by attending this talk where Courtney reveals the shared mindsets and skill sets of high performers and prepares you to take focused action when life’s pivotal moments present themselves.


Topic: Getting Hired And Working In Large Corporate Cultures

Large multi-national companies employ 38% of the workforce, and many graduates want this type of experience on their résumé. In this frank and entertaining talk, Courtney pulls from her decade-long career as a "fixer" for global consulting firms KPMG, BearingPoint, and  Deloitte to give you a "myths vs. reality" look at corporate life. She’ll expose the secrets to getting in, getting ahead and when the time comes, getting out — giving you a rare behind-the-scenes look at this unique culture and how to succeed within it.

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"An inspiration in a practical and meaningful way."

-Jill Anderson,  Anderson Marketing Communications

"Not only were your words uplifting and encouraging, but extremely helpful and life have given me the courage to find/pursue my passion. You truly have a gift."

-Tisha Deloney, “Move Up or On” workshop attendee, Marriott Corporation

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your sharing at the conference. You are my inspiration! Your words truly impacted me, and changed my perspectives on pursuing my goals and dreams."

-Yanyee Kong, delegate, NEW Conference

"Fantastic! and I think it actually changed my life. I will now make better choices every day"

-Haavard Helmen, Audience member at Courtney’s “Choices” keynote.

"An entire roomful of women who had just spent an hour with Courtney Kirschbaum were so enthusiastic and excited after their time with Courtney that I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of whatever it is that she does."

- Karen Terrell, Financial Advisor ...on why she registered for a workshop with Courtney


Internationally recognized speaker and presenter


From corporate to college audiences, Courtney’s talks are engaging, informative and inspirational. Selected as one of eWomen Network’s top 5 speakers in 2013, Courtney was the closing speaker at TEDx Edmonton in 2014.

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“To get what you’ve never gotten, you must do what you’ve never done.”

Participants describe Courtney’s training and speaking as “life changing” and “inspirational,” they leave energized and excited to set ambitious, honest goals, and equipped with practical, implementable tools and tactics to make those goals a reality.


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